IPSWICH City Pistol Club

Ipswich City Pistol Club (ICPC), a wholly owned business of SSAA (Qld) Inc, is actively involved in the promotion of our sport together with supporting shooters throughout the Ipswich region.

Although Ipswich City Pistol Club is a membership based organisation we happily welcome visiting licensed shooters and those (unlicensed) people wishing to try the sport before making the full committment to pistol shooting.

Introductory Shooting Packages

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Range Fees

Members Non Members
GoldNil   SSAA$11.00
Silver  $7.00 Non SSAA  $17.00

Competitions Fees

Single Action  $2.00    2nd Sunday of the Month, 11am
Turning Target  $2.00    3rd Wednesday Night of the Month, 6pm
Service Pistol  $3.00    3rd Friday Night of the Month, 6pm

About Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
The Sporting Shooters Association was established in 1948 in order to promote the shooting sports and protect firearms owners' interests. Those roles remain the same today and with more than 135,000 members the S.S.A.A. is the premier body representing licensed firearms owners in Australia.

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