IPSWICH City Pistol Club

General Information on obtaining a Weapons Act License for Category H

STEP 1 - Eligibility and Membership of approved pistol clubs
A person cannot apply for membership to an approved pistol club unless that person submits with their application for club membership the following information:

Once you have received your QP-515 from the Queensland Police and have your 2 character references, download our application form, complete it and submit it in person at the range.

On acceptance of your application, you will be issued:

STEP 2 - 6 Month Probation Period
During your probation period you are required to attend and participate in a minimum of 3 handgun shooting competitions in the 6 month period prior to you applying for your license. You are encouraged to participate in more competitions, if possible. You are also be required to complete a Safety course for Category H firearms.

STEP 3 - Application for Concealable Firearms License (Qld)
Once you have completed your 6 month probation period and have completed the minimum required competition shoots, you may submit your application for a license. You will require:

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